And Just Like That

I…..and all the others on the review team are now no longer employed.

We were told the client (who pays the bills) had gone in another direction rendering our services unneeded.

A couple of the reviewers were upset about it, but after having been on a number of the  review projects,  its all part of the business; after all we are just contractors, who can be hired and dismissed pretty much at will.  And in the business, there is much we have absolutely no control over so……  My intuition is the client decided to take its business to another law firm, but that’s just my intuition, nothing more

And save for not giving us our own pass keys to the office, a decision that probably was made by the firms head office, out of state, we were treated fairly well; or put it another way, there are far worse law firms to contract out to.

But rather than dwell on that, I am now enjoying my B’Day complementary coffee Caribou Coffee provides to those who hold Caribou cards.  I’ll think about the next steps on Monday.

And as a joke I think, younger bro. pound salt gave me this to mark this year’s B Day.  Scheech!


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6 Responses to And Just Like That

  1. Sorry to hear this. It’s happened to me many times. We’re called freelancers in my field, and I feel somewhat exploited by the job I’m working on now–but too intimidated to speak up. We’re allowed a certain number of hours, but when the assignment takes way longer, we just have to suck it up and be ‘thankful.’ We couldn’t be more disposable, but as you say, we learn to accept being dumped by an email at a moment’s notice. It’s usually ‘budget cuts,’ the global catch-all phrase that covers any reason, and they don’t even owe you that. Best of luck on Plan B.

    Gun kitsch–truly awful. Makes all of us responsible target shooters look like hillbilly idiots.

  2. Yeah its all part of the “game” .ot sure what to do about the kitsch…not sure even Goodwill would take it as a donation.

  3. Your brother has definitely a weird sense of humour. (sigh) I wish you a speedy return to work…

  4. Aussie Emjay says:

    Oh! I missed your birthday. I *very* belated birthday wish. I hope something comes up on the work treadmill soon.

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