I Wonder

In  2 more days another birthday will roll around; and no I am not fishing for ‘Happy Birthdays’, but given the weather is what I was told it was when I did come into this world (hot, sticky (and this was before AC!) and in the midst of a fairly strong thunderstorm)  and given I am at a point in my life to reflect,  I’ve wondered if in the last days prior to giving birth to me, if my mother had any prior physical signals  or just plain premonition that something wa s up, or was it as if oft portrayed, it was just a sudden ‘Uh Oh, I think its time!’

Being male of course I have no idea and with my mother now passed on, too late to ask

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2 Responses to I Wonder

  1. Hope the weather *does* clear up for the week-end, although you are probably stuck in the same system as up here…

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