Another Serving of Ethnocentricity Slightly Flavored with some Racism?

There’s a brand of Tofu, made in Kyoto and up until recently,   available only in NYC ‘round these here parts, marketed under the brand name ‘Johnny Tofu’ and ‘男前’.  It great tofu, probably the best I’ve ever had; don’t even need to add soy or ginger to enjoy it.

About a week ago, wife unit found a store in Maryland carrying this tofu and bought a bit, which I quickly and happily consumed.    Now a day or 2 later I mentioned this to one of the Japanese reviewers on the project I am on and she later went out and bought some for herself.

She told me the tofu was indeed excellent and (here it comes…) said she was amazed that I a non-Japanese had the discerning taste buds to tell the difference….  Now she’s been here for many years and she’s not some 田舎ペイfrom deep in some woebegone hamlet deep in the Japanese mountains, but from Kamakura.


I do not feel complemented.  This sort of remark comes from the same nonsensical school that claims Japanese have cognitive functions on the opposite brain sphere as non-Japanese, that Japanese have longer intestines, thus are not disposed to eat meat, etc., etc.

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