The Low T Problem

Depending on the channels/time one sits in front of the idiot box for “entertainment”  besides the ads for pills to relieve men of prostate problems, there are also nostrums and drug ads to address the low T (for testosterone) problem.

My most recent yearly (thankfully) visit to the urologist, relieved that besides having no prostate problems, I was told I too have low T levels, which affects us men by making us a great deal less romantic.

Was prescribed a topical, but like all drugs addressing low T, the downside is that raising T levels back to normal levels,  there is the risk of prostate cancer-no joke in this family as every male in my father’s side of the family (it was what got my father) thus far has eventually had to face this.  My hope is thus far that while my mother’s side of the family has very less than enviable genetic ‘baggage’ (cardiac disease, which has carried away everyone save for a near 93 old sibling), it will  perhaps work for me making me the first to escape this paternal family curse on the males.

So do I fill the prescription for more male enhancement and run the risk for more male pleasure?

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  1. Is it weird that I am reminded of this Simpsons quote ?

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