The Circle Comes Full Ciricle, Sort of…….


This is son unit packed and about ready go drive out another 9 hours back to Ohio to take up a summer internship starting today.  On one hand I/we are relieved he finally has a summer job other than that minimum wage paint ball refereeing job he’s held during the summers since high school.

On the other hand,  he was only here for a little over a week and as the job will probably flow straight into the fall semester, we will probably not see him until winter break several months from now.

It also marks the beginning of him striking out on his own; much like I did when the yen was at 361 to the dollar, packing my suitcases and boarding a flight to Tokyo.  From that point I was out of the house returning only every few years for short visits.

Son unit still has growing up to do.  Most of his time here was spent carless as some major repair work had to be done to the car he uses.  He let the car battery go dead in the previous winter despite me telling him to occasionally turn the engine over to keep the battery charged.  Then he and a buddy goofed and reverse the connections when the attempt was made to jump start the car; and in doing so fried the transmission’s electronics making he total bill 2/3rds of the car’s residual value.

I told him I wans;t unhappy that he goofed everyone goofs, but I was unhappy he ignored my advice, let the battery needlessly go dead and that led to the issues we had to deal with.  so he’s going to foot the labor costs  for the repair.

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