Do I Keep My Mouth Shut?

My inner voice tells me to keep quiet but there is a man, probably a senior lawyer in the firm I am  curently temping at, who I have crossed paths with 3 times in the men’s room and at each time he left the men’s room without washing his hands.

Gross, no?   Have thought about drawing the lawyer (a woman) who supervises us aside and tell her, “I hate to bring this up but….’  Thank God I don’t see an occasion to shake  hands with him and if I do, it’ll be with my left hand .

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2 Responses to Do I Keep My Mouth Shut?

  1. Yeah it may be gross but even if you said something, how on earth would the supervisor ever approach this subject with the guy. It would put her in an uncomfortable spot. I would probably just ignore it and wash your own hands a lot. After all, millions of people in the world don’t even have running water, and you can imagine what’s on their hands…

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