Parental Damage

While working yesterday, son unit called and as he doesn’t usually call, left the room to take the call.  Turns out it was not  something urgent.

On the drive back home (isn’t Bluetooth wonderful)  called son unit back to follow up on the call and to explain that on these document review project, time is watched very carefully and unless  it is a very urgent matter, hold off untill the evening.

Now son did ask when I picked up if it was a good time to talk.  Son unit however got pretty defensive telling me he did not know that.  I know he does not now that and as I explained to him, I wasn’t yelling at him, I was just trying to tell him that….

So why did  he get so defensive?  His mother.  His mother over the years has taken a far different tack, berating him, loudly at times (as only an Asian mother can)and this I see as the root cause of him getting defensive when he shouldn’t be, when someone is only trying to point something out,  not berate.

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