How to Annoy

Younger brother now many years into his residence in Ohio has an easy “annoy’ button to push.  One tried and true are some Ohio place names which Ohioans have their own peculiar way of pronouncing.

Take Lima, Ohio for example.  No, its not pronounced in Ohio as one would say  Lima, Peru, but ‘lima’ as in lima bean. Another is the town of Bellefontaine, which is supposed be pronounced as ‘bell fountain”. Then there’s the town of Bucyrus, which who knows how its pronounced.

I do not use the Ohio pronunciation when speaking to him and this is always good for a snort like outburst from younger brother and for laughs for me.

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One Response to How to Annoy

  1. Bell fountain, that’s funny. There’s a town near me called Hereford. Like the cattle, I thought. Everybody here says ‘Herford.’ For the first couple years here I refused to say Herford, but after a while you give up.

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