The Family That Sticks Together…..

Learned the daughter of a person I once worked with won some sort of playwright contest and her pay will be performed with real actors.

Quite an achivenemt and t sounds like many of her relatives are coing into town to mark the occasion.  vwery admirable.

Wish it were so with my family.

This weekend Wife Unit & I and only Wife Unit  & I will travel to Ohio for the school’s Honors Day, in which Son Unit has been selected as a student for recognition and induction into an engineering fraternity.

I didn’t send the announcement to the the relatives on my father’s side of the family as going there would be a 4-day trip to and from. Did send the announcement to both SOn Unit’s s uncles and his Ohio relatives.  Pushing 93 I don’t expect my last surviving blood aunt to go; she’s happy to sit in her small piece of  Ohio and wait for God, but am very disappointed in the other relatives his Ohio uncle who wanted to know why I would ever expect him to make a 400 mile round trip, and the closer relatives, who are but an hour and a little bit away….

As the saying goes, you can pick your friends, your nose, but not your family.






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