As the Crowd Comes Out of the Metro Center Station


The firm  I am now working at doesn’t have a large presence in DC and thus the office is smallish.  There is only one other person on this project besides myself and we are relegated to a vacant office for our work. I can immediately think of 2 other people who would be far worse to work with (and who’d I’d probably refuse to), but this person, while not in that category is about as interesting and fun as soggy cardboard.

Sent an e-mail to my German professor about me now unable to attend the class.  There is the option of switching to the evening class, provided that’s now administratively possible and then there’s how far the evening class has progressed compared to the daytime class and would the other prof be comfortable in me arriving anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half late for class?  Seems like I’ve talked myself out of it already.  Pity, I feel I am just getting into the ‘groove’ and gained insights into other things besides the language.

With wife unit off today, she had the notion she’d drive the new car and tale me to the nearest Metro station; like that is going to happen.  For every vehicle she’s been the primary driver of, she’s trashed the interior; the interior of the older car is disgusting, but now that it has 164k on it, well, does it matter?

I  now pay more than detached interest in the morning traffic reports since I drive partially in.  Traffic isn’t any better, but then did I even expect it would be?

A few more sips and then I need to be on my way.


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