Caribou Coffee @ 13th & G


An old haunt actually as my last truly full-time employment was in the building directly over this shop.  A bit of emotional baggage, but then consider what happened at my last employer after I left, I am glad in a sense, things happened the way they did.

Its truly empowering to have a dress shirt and a tie on after so very long. Do see from strolling about and looking in the men’s clothing store windows my collection of ties and shirts is a bit dated, so with a few paychecks under the belt some small upgrades to the wardrobe are in order.

The crowd coming into the store at this early-7:35 hour is a bit younger than I remember it to be, but then the younger folks are the ones who are traditionally in the office earlier than others.


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2 Responses to Caribou Coffee @ 13th & G

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    Doesn’t everyone look younger these days? 🙂

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