Daylight Savings Time, 2013

Just a couple of hours into it and during my walk I take on some Sunday mornings to get the Sunday edition of the WaPo (which I buy only because of the comics and the Sunday crossword) , took this quick shot of the main east-west traffic artery nearest the house, which I cross, get the paper and recross.


@ a bit after 8:00 am there’s not much traffic as you can see, much less than there would be on a Sunday morn.  So methinks there are many who have overslept today?

Do feel sorry, but not as sorry as I sued to, for the junior & high school students who wait in the mornings for their buses.  Until DST kicks in, they had a bit of daylight for them as they board the buses for school in the morning.  Now they are thrown back into darkness.

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4 Responses to Daylight Savings Time, 2013

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    I hate the first week of time change whether it’s forwards or backwards.

  2. There’s talk (don’t remember whether it was in the US or here) or keeping the DST all year long. Don’t know whether I would like a winter sunrise at 8-8:30…

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