Up and Down

Like the crappy weather we are stuck with recently in the Mid-Atlantic at least, gray, gray  and chilly to downright cold with an occasional spot of morning sunshine….. If I wanted to live lie this, I’d move to the Pacific Northwest!

Up and down in the job search too.  Got a call from a recruiter in NYC asking if I could drop everything and travel to Tokyo the following week and work there for a month. Sure!!! Follow up the next day and learn someone else was selected.  Next, and from the same recruiter, a call about a long project in NYC and would I be interested. Sure, I could do NYC again and take a rainy afternoon to go to downtown DC to reregister only to be told on arrival the project is fully staffed!

Saw an HR position with a tier one supplier for Honda out in Ohio, which calls for translating and interpreting.  Now as I said interpreting is a different art, but for ordinary conservation, say like interpreting ‘Stop picking your nose, please’;  that I can do.  We’ll see. Am not adverse to packing up bags and moving elsewhere.

Son has had it with the roomie he’s had since freshman year.  There have been little things which have become big annoyances and he’s been asked if he’d like to share an apartment off campus with 3 other dudes the following year.  So he calls me in hush hush tones as he doesn’t want to hurt his roommate’s feelings.  Frankly I think he ought to consider his roommate doesn’t really care and whose world will not end if son unit seeks housing elsewhere.

But before that, I asked son unit for the whatever time to follow up with the international studies abroad people at his school about spending a year at Ritsumeikan…..but see him not doing this and throwing an opportunity of a lifetime away.

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