So Being a Dude Counts as an Excuse…..

In the course of the past few months, we have sent a number of items to son unit, and when we’ve sent them, we asked son unit to let us know when the item is safely in his hands.

The last was a Valentine ’s Day card in which were a couple of checks.  Now putting aside whatever possible embarrassment we caused son unit by sending him at his age, a Valentine’s Day card (according that is to bro. Pound Salt),  the card had checks with it and like all other stuff we’ve sent , it was we who had to call and confirm all arrived safely.

Now speaking with parents who have  ‘been there, done it’  their dudes behaved similarly and the advice is, don’t expect them to  acknowledge receipt,  they just don’t do it.’

Ok, then when will these ‘dude’ grow up and show manners?

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