Maybe It is the Age Thing

Got another, ‘Your qualifications are impressive, but…….’  e-mail to a job posting and also learned that a person who was hired for  a specialist position I also applied for,  while the person did have experience in the area,  what struck me more was the apparent age of the person relative to me.

From the same company is another posting, the hiring manager a former work colleague, but my sense is I will not even get an initial interview.

So perhaps brother Pound Salt has been right all along and I am indeed wasting my time in applying for a position such as I had before this now long period of no full-time employment.

Its saddening both personally and on a greater level, as I am most certainly not the only person my age to be butting my head against the wall of ageism, sad to see accumulated experience and talent go to waste.

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3 Responses to Maybe It is the Age Thing

  1. Oh don’t get me started on ageism. I am on the wrong end of my fifties, and even though it’s illegal to discriminate, all you have to do is write down your job experience or date you graduated high school for employers to immediately know your age. It’s ridiculous to think you can hide it. We who have the most experience and are even willing to give it away cheap are not wanted. I can’t even get a job as a cashier here, much less a real job (not that there are any). I read about it all the time on websites where older people write in and feel it is hopeless to continue trying. For all of our technology, this trend is very primitive.

    Sometimes I think our youth-obsessed culture is nature-driven. Nature has no use for animals who can no longer reproduce, and so they die. Time to banish us away on an ice floe. Oh wait, with climate change there won’t be any more ice floes. Well I’m sure they’ll think of something.

    • Yes, dates of schooling are dead giveaways and I try to avoid putting them in unless the application process forces me to. Work history is another matter, one needs to put that in and by doing that, a HR person (and that is where the problem lies) will have a rough idea of an applicant’s age.

      I don’t agree about companies being youth-obsessed simply out of youthfulness; its a cold dollars and cents calculation. Younger employees are cheaper to hire, cheaper to keep on the job (e.g. health insurance costs). What they know, or more often don’t know, is not a factor; they can always be trained

      If there is any satisfaction to be gained is the knowledge that the 20 or 30 sometings hired for jobs I or someone in my age bracket can also do and perhaps better, is the grim certainty that they too one day will be in the same position and be nervously looking over their shoulders about their job security/chances of finding employment.

  2. Adendum: If one reads the privacy agrements in data sites like Intellius or Mylife, you will see there is an option to opt out whihc I have done- protetcing my privacy and making a bit more difficult for a HR troll to access things like my age.

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