My Generation is Showing….Again

When we took our mid-period break in my German 101 class yesterday,  nearly every other student in the class, save me, immediately pulled out their iPad/Phones, Droids or whatever,  hunched over, bent their heads down and silently checked e-mail., Facebook, Twitter………..

Wonder what ever happened to turning to one of your classmates and  striking up a conversation?

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4 Responses to My Generation is Showing….Again

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    Recently when I was out to a Saturday lunch with a friend about the same “middle age” as me the 3 guys at the table next to us did not have any conversation with each other. Don’t know why they’d met at a nice restaurant on a Saturday just to text and surf their little machines. The art of conversation is dying ….

  2. mizunogirl says:

    Its strange, these devices re supposed to enhance our lives, not control them!

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