My Generation Gap is Showing

Think I’ve mentioned there’s a community college within walking distance and discovered that I can now take up to 3 course a semester, tuition-free (books are another matter).  So registered for 2 languages classes, one Chinese and the other German. 

Dropped the Chinese after one class as the instructor, a Taiwanese, gave me the impression of ‘you students are the grasshopper to me the master, which I have no use for.

So I am left with German, which we are just getting into, so have not set opinion on it, but at least the instructor appears more professional.

The class itself is mostly students in their 20’s, many lived in Germany as children with their parents stationed as U.S. military personnel. Now among the baby steps we are taking is learning to count in German and I recalled the song 99 Luftballons and remembering it, thought the singer did not enunciate the German word for 99 as it is supposed to be enunciated and mentioned that to the instructor. 

I was told no, the singer does enunciate 99 as it should be (which I confirmed later by listening to a YouTube vid clip) and then asked the class if they knew of/remembered the song, 99 Luftballons.

You could have heard the crickets sigh in the silence that followed.

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