Travel to Japan

No I am not considering it now, wife unit is.  Guess she needs to be reconnected to the have so to speak, but also there’s her mother, not getting younger and who has had Parkinson’s for a few years.

airline tickets, or rather the price of them are another matter, at least flying out from Dulles.

There are many ways to go of course, but Dulles has a direct flight to Tokyo via ANA, which until  years ago was not cheap, but still not prohibitively expensive.  Not the case now.  A round-trip economy class ticket will set you back 2k, which was not so long ago, the price of a round-trip business class ticket!

Sure there are many things driving this, the cost of fuel being one of them. Still, with a bit of digging we see there are other carriers offering cheaper flights to Japan, from other U.S. airports (like LAX).

Ok, so what is going on?  initially, unlike the other Japanese carrier, JAL, ANA  kept is fares down.  Now ANA may have  fallen prey to the JAL mentality that it is a ‘privilege’ to fly with them, thus the high fares.  Another thought going around here is that unlike other cities, Washington ANA serves mostly Japanese government/corporate passengers to  since its not their money,  fares can be set at the limit of what the market will bear.

Wonder what the real story is?

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