No Everything You need to Know is not in the Owners/Instruction Manual

A post on Facebook by a ‘friend’ about GPS/Navigation systems for cars, and the hidden danger them may pose prompted this.

To wit,  there have been cases reported of what would appear to be a small break-in to someone’s vehicle with the real purpose to access the vehicle’s GPS/Nav system and discover the address of the ‘home’ setting.

Setting a home address in these systems/tools is indeed handy as no matter where you are,  one only needs to hit the ‘Home; button, and the system will provide you with directions back home.

The trouble is, that setting ‘Home’ to one’s exact address, allows a potential perp to also know where the owner lives and opens the door to burglary, etc.

So instead of setting  the GPS/Nav system’s ‘Home’ to one’s exact address, I for example only use the street name we live on. A better idea would be to have the ‘Home” setting set to a street adjacent to the one you live on.  after all once you get close enough to your home, do you really need the GPS/Nav to tell you how to get exactly to your home?

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6 Responses to No Everything You need to Know is not in the Owners/Instruction Manual

  1. Jane says:

    Lol – I do that- I have the people across the roads address as my home. Now I’ll feel bad if they have a break in.

  2. Yeah, I’ll have to check my phone to make sure I don’t have any incriminating labels on the addresses I keep in Google Maps. Maybe adding a few police stations could muddy the waters…

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