The More You can Do, the More you Can Do

Boy am I glad there is something to write about besides the Sandy Hook Massacre.  Not that I am uncaring, its just that one can only think/empathize about it so much.

One of the things I have tried to instill in Son Unit is having a variety of skills and interests, to which I would self-grade my success with as perhaps a C-.   The latest example of this is his search for a gig for his winter break.

We recently purchased a new car and while there and before Son Unit returned from school, I asked the salesman if the dealership was looking to hire people.  I was told the dealership did need parking lot attendant, people to shuttle cars on and off the dealership lot, keeping the cars clean and cleaning up cars for delivery to customers.  So got an application and told Son Unit to fill it out, which he dragged his feet on, but he did submit it.  He in turn was asked if he could drive a car with a stick shift; he can’t but he had the opportunity but never took advantage despite my harping, to learn while I had an older car that had a stick shift.  So it looks like he’s not going to go anywhere with that job lead.

The more one can do, be it speak another language, play a musical instrument, play a sport, etc., it follows of course  one’s circle of acquaintances will be broader, the more interesting others will find you and the greater one’s range of movement and opportunities in life will be.

This is the lesson I believe I/we have failed to impress upon Son Unit.  He played and took private lessons through high school for the violin.  And he’s not that bad.  He has a natural gift for picking up on a tune and as his fingers are long and slender, he’s physically well-adapted to the instrument.  But he’s not touched this $2,000 instrument since he left high school.  His college does have an informal violin group that meets not for grades, but for fun and to keep skills honed.  Will he do it?  Not at the rate he’s going.

And then there is the opportunity to spend up to a year abroad at a pretty decent college (Ritsumeikan), an experience that would reconnect him both culturally and linguistically with the other part of his heritage. I believe I have exhausted all the ‘tricks’ in my bag on this one too.  My last comment on this was if he doesn’t take advantage of this,  there’ll be a day he regrets that decision and I only hope I’ll be around to laugh my ass off.

No wonder my hair is now turning gray.

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