On Gun Control

After what happened last Friday,  as said in earlier posts, I believe in this country there is a right to responsibly own a firearm, I too would like to see some good come out the tragedy.

So that brings up gun control and the knee-jerk ideas of banning what are called assault rifles. But this like many ideas leaves out the practicability of execution.  A fault Congress and state level legislatures consistently show in enacting laws.

Let’s say a federal law does some into force banning the sale of assault rifles.  Ok, what about the number of those already sold/ in circulation?  Are we going to confiscate those?  If so, just how is that going to happen? How can it be ensured it will be complete?  Even if a law is enacted,  there’ll also be a period from when it is passed to when it comes into force and what about that there’ll be guns manufactured in that period?  Then there is the ammunition for these guns, which is already quite expensive; about $1.50 per bullet now BTW.   Shall the manufacture of that also be banned?  And again what about remaining stockpiles?

Background checks before purchase.  We have them now yet they’ve been circumvented.  Expand the scope and detail to catch those deemed mentally unstable?  How will that be carried out?  Is there an infrastructure and more importantly available data to draw on to carry this out? And what about person to person, private sales?

One the other side of the coin, there are those who propose arming a designated person in a school to act if the unthinkable happens again.  Not in favor of that either as that is a reactive solution, not a proactive one. 

The point I am trying to make is that ideas to make laws to make the world a better place come easy, its putting them into practice when they founder upon the shoals of reality.   In order to have many of the knee-jerk ideas floating about now as a response, there’s been no discussion how the practicality of any of them.  That a measure will most likely require far more government infrastructure and collection/collation of personal information than we now have to carry them out, and in an age where all governments, be it the federal of a state government look at less money to do what they do now, do we opt for ever higher taxes or doing with less in other services from our governments? And do we accept, even if we have nothing to hide, the accumulation and storage for access by the government or even more personal data?

Ok, so what do I think should be done?  Mental health; do more to see that those whose state of  mental health is a danger to others are cared for better and monitored than they appear to be now.  This would mean fewer rights for the mentally ill person than they have now, rights I understand arose out of abuses decades earlier.  Taking that step I believe would serve better and ensure guns or any other weapon does not fall into their hands and that if needed intervention can be done before a murderous impulse is acted upon.

Last, and this is beyond disgusting and sickening, is a story here, about scammers who have popped up and created a bogus site for donations for the victims of Sandy Hook.  Sad state of affairs indeed when these lower life forms come out of their pus-filled holes to take advantage of someone’s disaster.

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