Vile, disgustingly insensitive, Exploitative and Egregiously Self-aggrandizing

The Sandy Hook Massacre? No, how the media has treated it.

I really had to make a near-God-like effort Monday to hold my tongue as wife unit after work, sat down to watch TV and was switching between Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil and something hosted by Katie Couric all on the massacre. All the programs were attempting to squeeze out of families who had lost a child or were directly involved, the ‘how do you feel’ dialogue. The tone of all 3 programs was disgustingly insensitive, exploitative and egregiously self-aggrandizing. I suppose had the times been different, all networks and these media creatures  would have rushed to interview newly liberated Nazi death survivors in the same manner?

What does this say about people who hang on to every aired second on these programs, run by semi-ghouls who in my opinion are just once removed from snake oil salesmen of old? Are there people so vacuous they must feed off such ghoulish programming? Are there such people who are so sheepeople-ized they must have their hands electronically held?

We are starting to see what is coming out of this as far as gun control. One is a ban on large sized magazines. I agree its very hard to a civilian to justify the need of say a 30-round magazine for a semiautomatic rifle, but banning them will not solve the problem; anyone with a decent metal shop education and home tools can easily fabricate one privately. Banning assault weapons? Ok, but has anyone taken a close look on how much they cost? They are not cheap. A low-end assault rifle will mean spending at least $1,000 dollars and I saw one as high as $7,000.

A far better answer is think of and out into place measures that will keep firearms out of the hands of people mentally unfit to own one as recent history has shown us. Also begin to rethink if one is a sheepeople or not. Instead of passively waiting for someone to do something, or the government to do something, perhaps being more proactive is a step forward? As evidence, I would draw your attention to this local news item in which some students at a high school took it upon themselves to alert authorities that a student’s actions warranted attention. It looks now like a copycat, mass shooter was stopped before he could act.


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