So Now We Know More

I take no comfort in learning my and the suspicions of others about the root causes of the Sandy Hook horror are what I thought they would be; the perpetrator like those before him, had serious mental health issues and pent up anger.  Not so?  Then please explain why he shot his mother not once, but as reported, 4 times in the head perhaps while she slept.

There’s a very good piece the link for which is here, on the dilemma faced by parents with troubled offspring or relatives.  In light of little other evidence to go on, one  can only speculate  on what the also murdered mother did or did not do, but it seems finding help for anyone  with mental health issues does not appear to be that readily available. Thus this mass murder like others before him tragically slipped through the cracks.

Were I a betting man, I would wager that out of this, gun laws will change in some way.   Any pro-gun person who believes that out of this there will be no action on firearm regulation is only fooling themselves and any digging in of the heels will only make what comes out that much worse. I would not want restrictions on the right to responsibly own firearms.  Perhaps magazine capacity for civilian weapons can be significantly decreased.  Perhaps stronger background checks/longer waiting period for those wishing to purchase what are termed assault weapons.

However, any stronger gun control as I mentioned in the last post, will not work as guns are just a part of the greater picture.  As the linked article outlines, mental health services need a closer look.  I would also agree  with those that commercial television entertainment, be it programming or a movie, relies heavily on blood, murder, mayhem and guns, as does much of computer gaming.  Violence and killing are not spectator sports or a game.  Is a horribly messy business, yet through modern ‘entertainment’ one can argue, many are desensitized to it.

Many in this country and outside it lament on why the United States can’t be like other countries when it comes to gun ownership.  That ignores our history and our core DNA.  We have never been like any other country; our origins are proof enough of that. And aside from some so-called ‘progressives’  we do not want to be like another country  For many, many years we stood aloof from the rest of the world too.  This country was founded, and rightly so, on a strong distrust of any government and what it could potentially do to the governed in the name of some cause or ideology. I would argue that the form of government, at least as it was intended to be, was to create the minimum structure to get things done for the common good and for anything else, leave us the hell alone. I can cite only the horrors of the life of the governed under the Nazis and the Soviet Union, under an unchecked government.

Here, government by its very nature has been mistrusted from the start by the people of this country, and I think  this distrust is well-founded; governments by their nature clamor for ever-increasing control over the governed.  I’d be very interested to learn of any government which voluntarily ceded power back to the governed. Guns here unlike other country’s history, have also been the tools for survival, protection and self-reliance.   Today there are those who argue firearms and the constitutional rights  allowing  firearm ownership are relics of a time long gone by.  In the strictest sense that is correct.  But this is an imperfect world as I believe some fail to realize until evil or malevolence comes to visit them, and the right to responsibly own a firearm is both a practical means for self-protection and a reminder to those who govern, that those who they govern to have a final recourse to address tyranny.


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