No, I at Least Didn’t Hit the Powerball Jackpot

But 2 I suppose, lucky people in two different states did and supposedly in Virginia, there are 7 who won a million dollars.

Didn’t buy a ticket  last night, not that I didn’t think about it, but there’s first that those who run Powerball, doubled the price of a ticket several months ago, and of course the hard cold reality that my chances (like many others who buy lottery tickets) of wining big are about the same as me being elected to the College of Cardinals.

I suppose the appeal for spending money  on something that is as elusive as a wisp of smoke is the reverie  of the ‘what if’  and then what one can do with the money. Though I have at the same time thought of it as a curse as well; for example, why would son unit be motivated to complete college or even work at anything?  And there is the real and tragic story of a man in West Virginia, who hit the Powerball very big many years ago, let it go to his head and had the money ruin his life.

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