How to Really Piss Your Offspring Off

As of Friday, son unit finished school and is on Thanksgiving break.  He’s staying there as given the cost and trouble of air travel, he sees it as not really worth going home.

I plan to go up there to deliver the car we bought for him last year and also take some frozen meat etc., for him to help with his cooking.  He really wants fish as none of the supermarkets nearby carry any, not even frozen.

So needed to speak to him  about what to buy and bring to him; called several times Friday afternoon & evening. did the same Saturday morning and up to 3 pm, all with no answer from the cellphone.

This is very unlike him and decided to call the  school to ask one of the dorm residence assistants as they are called to look in; my thoughts were he had perhaps gone out to party a bit and left the cellphone in his room.

Well, soon afterwards, got a call from a very irate son unit for having been awakened not by the resident assistant, but by school security.  Seems he had been asleep for 24 hours plus after staying awake for end of term tests etc.

So why didn’t he answer the phone?  He had it on vibrate as he does so classes aren’t interrupted.  Told him he could switch it back to ring once he is back in his dorm and we could have avoided this.  So I am told I am being over-dramatic etc., wasting his time and the security officer’s time.  Whatever he is in his position and I as a parent am in mine.

And I told him, that in the words of his uncle, Pound Salt, he’ll get over it

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One Response to How to Really Piss Your Offspring Off

  1. I remember crashing out for 24+hours. Hope he sees there was no ill intent and appreciate having someone caring compared to the opposite… Go Blue!

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