Effin’ Marooned!

The drill for weekends is I drive wife unit to work as employees are not allowed to park on the parking lots at the store due to crowding.

So this morning, I wake her up (as usual) let her shower  etc., before I do.  While I am showering I think I hear the front door close, but shrug it off.

Go downstairs to discover wife unit has left with the car (the other is in the shop) leaving me stranded here without any friggin transportation until she comes home, and given its pre-Thankgiving, that could mean a couple hours past the 8-hour day.  And no, I did not come down late either, Had she not flown off with out thinking, there would have plenty of time to take her in time for work.

Annoyed call, and her excuse is ‘you didn’t tell me you were going to drive me to work’.  Bullhockey.  It goes without saying I take her to work on weekends.

So here I sit annoyed and more or less marooned at home.  Were this Japan, this would be less of an annoyance as there would be public transportation available.

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