Waitin’ On a Sunny Day

Literally and figuratively.  Funny that the internet station I have on now is playing the Bruce Springsteen song that captions this post.

Its raining again as it always seems to do in the fall,   though yesterday was pleasant,  a good opportunity to repaint the storage shed we have this time with an anti-fungal agent mixed it to keep the paint from prematurely deteriorating due to lack of sunlight.  Why lack of sunlight?  That’s another story.

A cousin of mine, who knows the people I interviewed with last month, did me a favor and asked what was going on in their hiring process.  Learned I had indeed made a good impression on both, but, ……. They are moving on with other candidates.    If there is a silver lining it is I was told they would like to continue the conversation which could mean something.

Another thing that still irks/stings a bit.  Noticed  a position opened the person who fills it will report directly to a former co-worker.  Asked about it and told it would probably be filled from within, which I understand, but was told that a candidate has a Master’s degree, and implying since I do not.    That it pure BS.   I may not have a piece of paper hanging on my wall like some do, but I definitely have the equivalent experience.

So its one of those days when I sit and wonder why I should even bother to shower and shave…but I will.

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One Response to Waitin’ On a Sunny Day

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    Yesterday was lovely; Sunday was even better. This morning was nasty – the rain was cold and heavy and I got soaked walking from metro to office. Looks like a few cold days now and more rain on the weekend – good idea to use that anti-fungal stuff.

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