Now That Sandy’s Gone

Looking at the continued and now approaching excessive media  overkill coverage of the damage Sandy wrought, I see we here in DC were very lucky.  And I realize now the preparations I made, like buying non-perishable foodstuffs were really inadequate given the extent of the real damage and if that had been here, that they would have not lasted until power was restored.

Also lucky in another way.  Poked my head outside yesterday and immediately heard the hum of a neighbor around the corner’s generator in operation.  Might note too this neighbor lives in a section with overhead power lines.  Noted too a former worker colleague is still in the dark as a number of large trees  in her part of the world appear to have fallen, cutting off power. 

One other take away from the news broadcasts.  Experts were called in to explain the ‘whys’ of all this.  Partly a natural human response to something bad happening, but I came away with the feeling the ‘whys’ were being asked in the sense of ‘why’ couldn’t ‘we’ have done something about this.  A fault I believe is a product of the so-called Age of Reason.   That mankind is so smart it can through effort, and these days government (i.e., our) money, find all the answers, be they social ills or weather. There does not seem to be recognition that bad stuff can sometimes happen and there’s not a whole lot that can be done about it except pick up the pieces and think about what can be done to make the pain a bit less the next time.

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