While We Wait for Sandy

Can’t remember  a late-season hurricane such as Sandy, on track to hit the mid-Atlantic sometime tomorrow, linger and wreak all sorts of havoc.   Though as I sift a bit more though my memory, way back in the mid sixties, there was a late season huirricane, Donna I believe, which ran amuck on the eastern seaboard.

Need to get loose stuff  outside put away and make sure outside drains are clear, but given the lateness of the season and that we are still on DST,  its really not light enough yet to do this.

So pursing through the web, there was this article on the WSJ’s site: Rise of the Tiger Nation.

Its about the rise of Asians in general in American society and culture and compares them, I think wrongly to the social issues Jews faced in America when trying to crack the ceiling.

There is one statement though I found revealing and that is among the various Asian groups in the U.S., Japanese are numerically the fewest, but in a way this does not surprise.

I believe this shows how few Japanese are willing to break the surly bonds of the general ‘nonjinnron’, the insularity, the suffocating  inclusiveness of being Japanese to  adventure out.  And with this, another indication of why Japan stands to be bypassed by both the Koreans (those in the south) and the Chinese.

Not to say the Chinese or Koreans don’t have their own ethnocentric issues, but the difference is both peoples  are willing to seek opportunities beyond their homelands and work hard to thrive where they’ve transplanted themselves.


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