Self Restraint is a Bitch

A couple of things.  One, a Facebook posting from a cousin of mine complaining about his job, or not accurately, he ‘needs’ a new one.  Had to throttle the urge to post on his wall that at least he has a job to bitch about.  I’d love to have one to even grouse about!  Did tell him he needs to delete that post and find a less public way to vent work frustrations

And a well-intentioned neighbor  to show her appreciation for wife unit & I (mostly I) looking after her house while she and her family traveled, bought a full dozen of Dunkin Doughnuts.  As I said, well-intentioned, but, ah, given I need to get and keep my blood sugar down  this is really not the thing to press on me.

Have frozen most of them and wife unit takes one out to celebrate breakfast with.  I so far have resisted the urge…

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2 Responses to Self Restraint is a Bitch

  1. mizunogirl says:

    good luck resisting the donuts!

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