Had one the day before yesterday at a trade association in DC.  Believe I did well, but will know if I really did well should I be called back for a 2nd round of interviews.

Found it funny seeing that I went through  a mental checklist  from several days prior. Spent a couple of days of the association’s website, went out to get the most appropriate suite freshly pressed, got a new shirt, oddly enough the cheapest I found was on sale at Nordstrom, a place not exactly known for low prices.

On the day of, made sure my shave was done carefully and unsightly hair trimmed.  Looked around in a minor panic for the tie I had mentally selected, then remembered that tie is now in son unit’s procession. Splashed on some Hermes Bel Ami cologne –also something not done for quite some time. Got out one of my better pairs of shoes, copied down the address and contact phone number, get into the car and leave the house about an hour and 45 minutes prior to the interview time.

I’m wondering if I have been away for so long or if  in-bound morning traffic has worsened.  But that was the point in leaving when I did, so there’s no hurry or worry. Park the vehicle, walk to the Metro, await for several cars to come and go before I board; partly to kill time, but  more that these trains were absolutely packed, packed as Japanese commuter trains are in the morning.

Get off at the nearest station, still about 40 minutes early.  Figure it’s a good time to head to the nearest restroom so I am not distracted by the need to ‘go’ during the interview.  Walk around a bit and then head into the office about 15 minutes prior and shut the cell phone off.

Am shown in into a meeting room, choose a chair facing the door the interviewers will enter the room from and wait.

The interview lasts for about 50 minutes, with the interviewers doing most of the talking.  I believe I gave a good account of myself.  Was asked at the end for a writing sample and professional references, both readily available at home and sent along with a Thank You e-mail to the interviewers.

So now I wait.

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4 Responses to Interviewing

  1. Here’s hoping that you get the call soon.

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