A Head Scratcher

In the stories broadcast on Fujisankei’s news broadcast yesterday for expat Japanese, there was this story.

A president of some company in Osaka, was caught taking surreptitious pictures of flight attendants, in flight with a small camera, some photos apparently were taken by him putting the camera directly  under their skirts  while the plane was in the air.  further in checking his guy’s computer numerous other flight attendant photos, all surreptitiously taken, were found on the hard drive.

He was detained, by then released.  Why?  Well in interpreting the law, this perp could not be charged as the plane was in flight (I believe it was an international flight)  and therefore the place and time could not be definitively fixed, therefore he was let go.


This tell me a couple of things.

1. Is Japanese jurisprudence that badly retarded that the circumstances could be interpreted to set time and place of the alleged crime?

2. My sense is this was treated as a victimless crime.  Don’t think the flight attendants would feel that way though.

3. Perhaps the police felt that while they could not formally charge this perp, the familial shame would be punishment enough.

4. While the U.S. has its share of men with malformed sexual development, I seldom see things like this rise to the surface.

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