Some Lessons Not Learned

One of my former employers, Large International Automobile Manufacturer #1 is back in the news, again for a far-reaching recall.

As there have been no fatalities reported thus far and that the news cycle is so wrapped up in the election, I don’t see the story having much in the way of legs.

In one story on the subject however, a PR spokesperson in Japan was quoted as saying they had no knowledge of the number of incidents, which has triggered this recall, the government has recorded.  I find this amazing. Either organizationally, information is not being disseminated as it should be, or someone isn’t being as intellectually proactive as they should be.

The other takeaway from this is the same takeaway I had with the issue Large International Automobile Manufacturer   #1 had in 2010.  What that is, is there is an underside to lean design/engineering.  Commonization of component design does keep costs down across the board, but the flip side is that when something does go wrong, it also goes wrong across the board.

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