This Great Information Cost Me Half a Day’s Pay

(and the toilet went up the very next day). 

Taken from a song called “Flakes”, by the late great, and not given as much credit as is due, Frank Zappa.

 Reminded of the song after spending $108 to learn my MIL light (the Check Engine light) came on as a false positive.

Many things can set this light off. If it works properly, its shows a malfunction in the emissions control system or critical vehicle system, like the automatic transmission and generally it comes on in such cases when the vehicle has some serious mileage on it.  It can also come on if for example either end of the vehicle is tapped hard by another vehicle, which has happened to me or the light came on.

The solution for this since the vehicle was less than a year old and the probability of a serious engine/emissions problem was about as likely as me being indicted into the French Legion of Merit, I disconnected one of the leads to the vehicle battery,, clearing the system (and everything else electric, like the audio system) and the MIL did not come on.

Thought about doing the same to this vehicle, but due to lack of metric tools and that perhaps there might actually be something wrong, took vehicle to a service station only to be told everything is OK and they cleared the fault code: something I could have done by disconnecting one of the battery terminals and no cost to me…….

Flakes indeed.


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