A Nice Friday Afternoon

Son unit has left us with a few books he used, or perhaps barely used, last semester here.  One was Candide, by of course Voltaire, which did not look very used at all.  Now son unit has never been much of a reader, but then I never  have read Voltaire either.  In fact, I really have no fond memories of any lit. class, whether in high school or college, mostly I believe because instead of being taught to read for enjoyment and to think, we were subjected to dissecting literature as one would the hapless frog in biology class.

 But being a nice day yesterday, sat out on the front stoop to crack the book open,  The book was interesting in that a tenth of it was devoted to telling the poor lit. student what the book was all about,  & a bio of Voltaire(helpful; had he been contemporary, he’d have had a rap sheet as long as my arm)  and also notes on how the translator made PC changes to reflect a more ‘enlightened’ outlook on gender, i.e., the word ‘men’ to ‘person’.

 Which reminded me of something that has come to my somewhat idle mind of late and that is, students should be encouraged not to go directly to college from high school, but defer the step for say 2 years, go out into the workforce and then enter college (if they still wish to).  This I would think/hope would instill a bit of reality in them and not swallow unquestioningly, the drivel the ‘progressive’ academics (especial, those who teach in the Arts (hmmm those who cannot ‘do’, teach?)) can fill the heads of otherwise  uncritical minds with.


Too much time on the soapbox again. It is a nice Saturday morning after all.


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