If Her Head Wasn’t Attached

I’ve promised myself I’d keep a memo of things/stuff wife unit forgets on a daily basis.  It could be here glasses which she needs for work-and in some cases I have to make an extra trip to the store to deliver them. Her company cap, her cellphone, turning off the stove top burner (electric, thankfully), where she has laid an item in the house….

Well, the night before last, she apparently forgot to lock up the car parked outside the garage, the one we have bought for son nit, and the next morning, she discovers the rear seat were folded down and wanted to know if it was my doing.

It wasn’t, someone late that night saw the vehicle was unlocked and decided to open the doors and look to see if there was anything of value to be had.  There fortunately for us, wasn’t.  But of course it could have been a different situation.

I wonder now if she’ll be more careful, more remembering, but probably not.

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