A Thought

A couple days ago, while out on the road on errands, a ‘dude’, perhaps in his early to mid-twenties pulled up on the right in his vehicle, all windows down, his audio player’s volume turned up loud, with music about as sophisticated and imaginative as the beat of some hellish Dickensian machine playing loud enough to be heard a quarter mile away.

besides being annoying, I realized that with this ‘dude’ and others like him, traveling around like this is that they NEVER have a girl riding with them.

Think that says something

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2 Responses to A Thought

  1. LOL! Guys like these drive down my street and the bass makes plates rattle inside my house. If they did have a passenger, it would be another guy. Reminds me of the song “No Scrubs” by TLC:
    I don’t want no scrub
    A scrub is a guy that can’t get no love from me
    Hanging out the passenger side
    Of his best friend’s ride
    Trying to holler at me

    But ya know, they probably do have girlfriends…they’re the ones texting while driving their own cars.

  2. Perhaps they do, but I’ll bet the volume is turned waaaay down when they ride.

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