As If I am not “Conflicted” Enough

In the back and forth between an agent and myself for a pretty lucrative project here, I am told that due to previous work on an issue, I am conflicted out from participating in the e-discovery project.

Am not happy about this, but them’s the rules too.  Though I do have a question about the possibility of a person eventually being shut out from any e-discovery project due to previous experience.  And by the same token, the possibility of law firms not being able to find anyone to staff their e-discovery projects as all candidates are conflicted out.

I noted in a letter of engagement with an attorney I’ve retained to review a draft land lease agreement for land I own, to include in a wind farm project, that there is a waiver clause with allows the firm to minimize it not being able to take on new cases (business) due to  being conflicted out.

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One Response to As If I am not “Conflicted” Enough

  1. You know, if they ever perfect the memory-wiping technology from the Paycheck movie, it will revolutionize the whole consulting work. 🙂

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