“Interesting” Weekend for Somone

Was a very dull weekend for me, but not for son unit.


Son lost his virginity….in a way.  He was nailed for doing 44 in a 25 MPH zone in Fairfax City.   Not all that angry with him as the Fairfax City Police often lie in wait at the bottom of a hill with speed guns, unfair I think as a vehicle needs to accelerate to climb the hill and will be traveling faster when it goes over the top. Have very little  respect for that.   Besides being mad son unit was apologetic and concerned about what the citation (the officer wouldn’t even give him a warning (first ever offense) which to me means its more about ‘revenue enhancement’) would do to our insurance rates. He  will paid the fine as his court date is September, when he’ll be in  school in Ohio.

 Also am concerned about that paintball place he works or rather how the management looks after their employees.  There was an incident over the weekend, son unit not involved, in which an adult player was ejected as he threw his facemask at a 16 year old who had ‘shot’ him and drew blood: something not that uncommon, especially if you’ve got bare skin showing/and or at close range. As said adult was being  forcibly escorted off the field and off the premises, his wife saw this, got upset, grabbed a loaded paintball gun and shot one of the employees 5 times (without injury).  You think the Loudon County police were called?  Nope.  All in the party were just banned for life: BFD if you ask me considering… Told son  had that happened to him, I would have called the police.



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