Fall is Coming

Huh?  We are in the middle of July?  What are you talking about?!

So the reader might say, but it dawned on me as I got up to shower early this morning before taxing wife unit to work:  it was still dark and a month and a half or so ago, while the sun hadn’t quite risen, it was light enough to make turning on the lights unnecessary.  Like it or not the days are getting shorter and shorter and soon evening will come all too early.

Spent yesterday like perhaps most of the nation, glued in front of the idiot box for news, which really wasn’t very informative after a while, over the horror perpetrated yesterday in Colorado.

The response from so-called opinion leaders was sadly the same.  Those calling for laws to take guns away from citizens and those jumping to couldn’t-be-more-wrong conclusions ( that means you, ABC “News”). Those pointing their righteous fingers at the movie, etc.

It’s an unmitigated horror, but to go against the flow, the solution is not more laws on gun ownership, that is not the solution.  I cannot specifically recall the incident, but from memory, I seem to remember an incident where an individual in a car, deliberately plowed the vehicle into a group of pedestrians. So should car ownership be made more difficult too for that reason?

From this morning’s news, it would seem, as I guessed yesterday, that like that coward who gunned down the people at Virginia Tech, that with this individual too, something went  very haywire  along the way  in his life and in spite of actions that might/should have raised flags, he continued unnoticed to veer off track into the abyss.  A price I suggest society pays for a less and less communal society.

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