When You Think You Know Someone….

Got a late-night mail last night from a Japanese woman who I’ve worked with, telling me that after 5 days, she and he family now have power restored at her house in what I call the People’s Democratic Republic of Montgomery County, Maryland.

I hadn’t heard from her for a while and correctly assumed she was without power, thus…

There is another Japanese woman who I have also worked with, who also lives in the tree-hugging People’s Democratic Republic of Montgomery County, Maryland, a Facebook “friend’, who posted Tuesday, she too was still without power and her patience was wearing thin: a contributing factor no doubt is that she is also several months pregnant.

So the thought occurred about offering for the duration, our home as refuge from the heat and inconvenience, and before offering, brought it up with wife unit.  From her what-are-you-thinking-about!? reaction, one would have thought I suggested she start working as a pole dancer. Needless to say, the offer was not made.

Now I’ve been with her for over 25 years and still I see some ugly sides of her.

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6 Responses to When You Think You Know Someone….

  1. mizunogirl says:

    That is unfortunate. What a party and nice gathering you might have had…And I think it was kind of you to think about offerring.

  2. Yeah, I think wife unit may have forgotten the discomfort level inolved in being pregnant coupled with very high temperatures. Sure I understand the feelings about ‘the house is a mess’ stuff, but feel the woman in question (who is not some random Japanese chick I know on Facebook) wouldn’t have cared. All is well though, the woman without the power did post yesterday her power was finally restored.

  3. Glad to read that you have not suffered too much from the weather and things are returning slowly but surely to normalcy in the region…

    • Actually it got so hot yesterday here at a plane at reagna national, waiting to be towed out for take off, got stuck in a soft spot on the tarmac and had to be towed out of the rut by a bigger vehicle.

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