In the Dark- Again

We and other parts of the Eastern United States were “treated” to a Wrath of Zeus-like storm last night and for some of us, there has been no electric power since around 10 pm, and its near 9 am and counting.

This is by rough count, perhaps the 10th or so time since we moved here in 1998 we’ve experienced a prolonged power outage, and given the frequency, it is times such as these when I wonder if I am living in a developed country.

The causes for this round probably are not all that simple: for example, one reason may be that in the meteorological mayhem of last night, a major piece of equipment in the power grid could have been zapped.

But another reason and one most certainly in the mix, are downed trees and the need to clear them up one by one and then restore the lines/equipment they have damaged.

Now I have nothing against greenery, compared to the ugly gray, Lego-like miasma that passes for Japanese urban centers, this much of the U.S. is a  paradise, but too much of anything is not a  good thing.  And I find it amazing there are people who would chain themselves to a tree to keep it from being cut down or even judicially pruned back, and then moan about why they can’t even boil a kettle of water for coffee when the power does fail.

I suppose on the flip side of every inconvenience such as this, someone sees gold: in this case, the Wegmans store where wife unit works, has electricity (probably have their own generators), and thus the store is now safe haven for those like me, who have their PCs and need to connect to the outside world, and others, who are foraging for their morning meal.

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2 Responses to In the Dark- Again

  1. mizunogirl says:

    Ooooh wegmans. I’m sorry you are out of power, and I will say that most sensible people would recongnie that some trees really aren’t where they should be. A friend of mine from South Africa was amaed when visiting that we have so much over the ground electricity. He said he imagined it was all underground cable by now…

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