No, I Haven’t Disappeared into Cyberspace

Just trying to get my thoughts together for probably a series of posts on the trip.

Called my last remaining blood-aunt, now 92, to tell her son unit & I had arrived back safely and that I had good news on my blood sugar: its down 3 points from 12 to 9. Still not where it should be, but I did not expect that dramatic a drop.  With all the walking son unit & I did while in Japan, I am looking forward to the results from the next blood test.

But getting back to auntie, as I said she’s 92, deaf as a post, pretty frail as one might expect, but still has all her candles lit upstairs.  She’s is/was a doctor and still reads her professional literature.  Last weekend she said she’d be participating in some local walk for cancer.

Some aunt.

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