Travel Worn

With 2 train changes and 8 hours, son unit & I traveled from seaside-ish Matsuyama, on the island of Shikoku to the gateway to the Japanese Alps, Matsumoto.  Needless to say, our butts are sore, but its also a testament to the efficiency of surface transportation here:  I don’t think we waited more than 20 minutes or so for our connections.

I wish the same could be said for telecommunications.  WiFi, so far has been difficult to find, meaning son unit and I have to fight over who gets the LAN cord.  Oddly at this hotel, tucked away on the backside of Matsumoto station, the room has WiFi!

The weather has truly turned rainy season like, and rather than be miserable sightseeing in the rain, I figures we’d spend the day on the trains, sight-seeing in a way: though son unit spent most of the travel sleeping. Had  thought of getting off again to spend another day in Kyoto, but looking at the army of high school kids on the platforms (thank God they didn’t get on the train we were riding) made us think twice. The city is probably overrun with high school kids now.

At the city we were at the day before yesterday, as we were walking around in the early evening, son saw his first hostesses going to work.  I explained for him the work they do, which didn’t really seem to register very well. 

Its also pretty odd now seeing son quaff down a brew or 2, and I can’t.  Think though he’s inhered his mother’s low tolerance for alcohol as his face does get very red quickly.

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