So, Shall We Try This Again?

Because Word Press can and has turned on me, I usually, as I am now, composing first on Word, then cut and paste onto the post template.  Yesterday, I figured ‘What the hell’ and paid for it.  Vox has its issues, but I don’t recall it ever turning on me.

In a week son unit and I will be on our way to Dulles to catch a flight to Japan.  The main point is to reacquaint son unit with the other side of his heritage. Son unit is not too thrilled about the trip; think he’d rather spend another wasted summer as an inert lump, on-line gaming until the wee hours of the morning.

I too, much to wife unit’s annoyance, am not too pumped up over the trip.  Sure there are friends to meet, who I only communicate with via e-mail, but the weather is going to suck as it’ll be the rainy season there, and with the exception of Okinawa, I’ve pretty much been there done Japan:  no freshness or thrill of the unknown.

Work goes on and with the trip, I’ll lose 3 weeks’ pay, but the good thing is I’ll have work waiting for me when I return.  The number of people has dwindled even further as of last week, and those who are left, including me were told we are there because we offer the best value to the client. IOW, we work our butts off.  Think the flip side of the message is, ’work harder’.

Wish I had taken a photo of the young woman, sitting near me on the out-bound metro last night, hair dyed fire engine red, lip pin, tattoos all over, ear lobe pierced with those plugs.  For whatever reason, when I looked at her, I remembered the old song, “I want girl, just like the girl, who married dear old dad’.


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6 Responses to So, Shall We Try This Again?

  1. A girl I know is about to have her septum pierced. Yes septum. Need I say more? I can’t even look at body piercings, they make me slightly sick.

  2. In light of mutual muted anticipation, at best, money for Japan travel seems money poorly spent. As for WP probs, 99% of the time I pen/copy/paste from AppleWorks. Too damn aggravating and frustrating to lose posts of tech glitches!

  3. Aussie Emjay says:

    The other day I walked behind a girl with the nape of her neck pierced and a very heavy looking ring in it. Each to their own but not for me.

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