And People Want to Come and Live Here??!

From this morning’s Washington Post’s traffic page.

20-mile backup on I-95 North; two accidents jam traffic on I-95 South

A fallen tree and two motor vehicle accidents have severely snarled traffic on different stretches of Interstate 95 in Northern Virginia, affecting commuters in both directions, officials said.

There is a 20-mile backup on I-95/395 North in the Alexandria area, after a tree fell on I-395 near King Street.

On I-95 South in Prince William County, two accidents have slowed traffic to a near crawl.

One wreck, involving a tractor-trailer, is blocking lanes on I-95 S near the Dale City exit. There is debris from the tractor-trailer on the roadway. Cars are passing, but very slowly.

South of the tractor-trailer accident, near the I-95 S weigh station, there is an overturned car blocking the left side of the roadway. Again, traffic is moving very slowly in the area.

In the District, emergency crews are responding to an overturned vehicle at 16th Street and Northgate Road in Northwest. The two-car accident will impact traffic in the area.



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3 Responses to And People Want to Come and Live Here??!

  1. ladywise says:

    Sounds like Atlanta traffic reports! lol How have you been?

  2. At least, you’re not in the middle of civil war (or what passes for it, according to the media) like I am… LOL

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