Sometimes it Pays Not to do as You are told

Made another long trip to Ohio to pick up son.  Wondered why I needed to take off an hour early (and lose pay) from work to beat traffic (didn’t really) and travel far to pick up a 21-year old, but as a friend pointed out, it probably beat the cost of airfare and cost of shipping his stuff home, plus there is the bonding element of the journey.

I have him drive for about one-half of the return leg home, an experience that left me even more exhausted than if I had continue to drive myself.  He just doesn’t have the sense yet to keep a healthy distance from the vehicle directly in front of him: which can be problematic at 70 mph or so.

During the drive up, I was through a fluster cuck on the way, lucky enough to have another small epiphany, that one should never always docilely follow the direction of those ‘in charge’

To explain, part of my journey to son’s school has me take I 79 north, which eventually merges with I-70 (which I need to use to go westward on to Ohio),  at Washington, PA, then parts company with  I-70 and goes north.

Now 2 exits prior to the merge, all north-bound traffic was diverted off  I-79 and we dutifully followed the detour signs  on U.S. Rt  19 until U.S.  Rt 19 met with US Rt 40 at which point all traffic was directed eastbound on US Rt 40 (in a sense the way we all had just come from).  I continued along with the general train of traffic for a bit with no  indication of how we would get back onto the Interstate, until I had had enough (I needed to go west, not east). Turned around, sped back and asked a person who was directing traffic if she knew how far the detour would go- she had no idea- and if US RT 40 west was open, it was and proceeded on and in a short time back on to I-70 west, where I needed to be, while those dutifully following the prescribed detour- some who may have wanted to continue north on I-79, and others, like me, needed to get west-bound and may have been just as frustrated as I was, yet they kept on.

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