An Endangered Hat

Wife unit absolutely hates this hat.

Now, as much as I would like to say, no I have not attended Johns Hopkins, nor is son attending same.

This is a hat originally son’s hat, bought when Johns Hopkins was on top of the college lacrosse world (which historically it has dominated) and with son playing club lacrosse, he wanted to identify with  a winner. Then Hopkins fell from grace (and as far as I know, hasn’t done well since) and The University of Virginia was top school in men’s college lacrosse, so a different hat and this on became mine.

Since then, this hat has been worn in all sorts of weather, taken a few unintentional baths in the Chesapeake Bay and is now quite faded, though not torn.

I now wear it  as I walk to and from the temp job as the sun is in the eyes both in the morning and evening.  The visual of me with this hat  on walking  the streets of DC & Georgetown does not appeal.

I think the hat has now that fuzzy, subjective quality of ‘character’. Wife unit thinks its old and ought to be pitched.  Thus the hat is endangered. Should I leave it unattended in the house, I suspect it will disappear.  I shall see it does not.

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One Response to An Endangered Hat

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    LOL – the manservant has a few caps that he shouldn’t leave lying around…..

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