Still There

As you can see below, the “occupy whatever” crowd, still “occupies MacPherson Square, like a stubborn stain that just won’t go away.

I would also note that much of the park sports broad swathes of bare earth now, thanks to the tents the “occupiers” pitched and eventually $$$ will have to be found to re-seed the park to return it to its pre-“occupied” state.

Guess that’s something the “occupiers” and those who  bankroll them never considered, nor are inclined to pitch in  and rectify.

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2 Responses to Still There

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    I thought they were going to join the Freedom Plaza group….. I’ll bet there are a lot of office workers around there looking forward to (one day) getting their lunchtime park back.

  2. Wow, and here I thought they had disappeared like all the others… “Stubborn stain”, indeed.

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