How does one say ‘Pack Rat’ in Japanese?

That’s what the one person, whose files I am reviewing appears to be: a digital pack rat to be precise. 

Sure I am aware that just hitting he ‘delete’ button on one’s PC doesn’t really mean the file is deleted and can be retrieved if there is a need- in this case a subpoena.  At the same time I’ve heard that in corporate, there are what are called janitorial programs, which run at certain time to truly delete data.


So this leads me to believe this one person just kept anything and everything that came in to the e-in box.

Funny but with paper, one would have to periodically clean house so to speak or be pshyically overwhelmed by the volume.  But now with e-storage and the cheapness of digital memory, its ironic that the ‘clutter’ seems greater

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2 Responses to How does one say ‘Pack Rat’ in Japanese?

  1. As an avowed anti-clutter nazi, I stay on top of all things including physical files, papers and the liked with frequent sorting and tossing. Admittedly I’m a little more lenient with laptop emails and files for the same reason: clutter is clutter, even on a computer. I can only imagine {shudder} what that woman’s house looks like!

  2. papers and the *like* …

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